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    Please complete the following electronic order form for your boat or snowmobile license. Need help or have a question? Contact us or give us a call at (218) 739-5333 or (800) 924-5343.

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    Boat Prices: One Color - $30.00, Metallic Color: $32.00, Shadow or Outline 2 Color - $45.00.
    Snowmobile Prices: One Color - $20.00, Metallic Color - $22.00, Shadow or Outline 2 Color - $32.00

    Size Approx. 3" x 22"


    Size Approx 2" x 6"

    Customize Your License

    Customize the look of your license by selecting a font, main color, and, if desired, an outline or shadow color. Compare font and color choices by clicking the blue question icon; a new window will open. Keep in mind that the colors reflected on your computer screen are approximations of the actual colors.


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